10 Ways to Grow as a Leader

10 Ways to Grow as a Leader and a Person


Being a leader is different than a manager. Leadership requires self improvement, practice, and seeing through your team members eyes. Management is just a role to play that requires organization and doing the ins and outs of the day to day. Check out the list that I have compiled from experience and reading.


1- Focus on YOU

When is comes to leadership, relationships, or any sort of happiness you NEED to learn one thing, LOVE yourself! There are countless sources of psychology articles on this subject just google it. I personally went through a very bad break up (a fiance of 8 years) and I learned many important lessons. One lesson is that in order to have a great relationship with anyone or any team you need to learn how to love all of you. READ OR LISTEN TO BOOKS!!! Self growth is very important so unless you’re perfect at everything then SHUT UP and learn something about the self growth everyday.

2- Look Through your Teams Eyes

One who can look through peoples eyes can rule the world. Everyone has different motives and passions and if you can look into someones motives and passions you will know how to motivate them! This practice also includes looking through your bosses eyes as well. Just because a Boss yells at you does not mean they are mad at you, maybe their wife denied them the booty. Understand that a great leader also leads from any position of a company or any group of people. Before confronting anyone with an issue try to understand where they are coming from.

3- Realize your Vision

People love following people with a vision and passion. You will NEVER be a leader without a vision. Imagine following someone who is charismatic but has no idea what they want out of life, that is boring!

4- Realize your Companies Dream

WATCH THIS VIDEO….basically every great company has a vision. Elon Musk is a jerk to work for but people love working for him because of his and his companies vision to save the human race.

5- Meditation……TRUST ME READ THIS

WATCH THIS GUY…..Mediation has been proven to help countless issues with our mental state. Leadership takes a tole on the brain and meditation is a nice relaxing beach from all the madness that the day to day brings to the table. Here is how to meditate

  • take 10minutes a day
  • close your eyes
  • DONT fight/judge any thoughts that pop up
  • Sit in a comfortable chair not in a weird position

Meditation is also living in the moment by:

  • Feeling 5 things
  • Looking at five things
  • Hearing five things

Everyone who lives in the moment is happy.



6- Stop with the Snacks and Excursive

Energy is from food and exercise. If you are going to be a leader you need both! Try to eat closer to a plant based diet and you will feel amazing. Berries, veggies and lean meats!

7- Watch Documentaries even though it Seems Boring

Stop acting like you know things, we are tiny humans in a tiny existence that has tiny brains so start learning and growing!!!!!!!!



8- Who are you hanging out with

Have you ever noticed if you hang out with smokers you smoke or gamers you game? What if you hung out with leaders who lead or millionaires who love teaching???????? Use Meet up to find some people you like to hang with to grow as a person.

9- Morning Rituals

This has changed my life. I wake up early, meditate, do yoga (Fucking CNCs fucked up my lower back and yoga has changed my life. Its not weird if you youtube it alone)  and then drink coffee. Google morning routines and the benefits it will amaze you.

10- Revisiting What you’ve Learned

Practice everything above and you will never be sad, alone, poor, or hungry!!!!



For those who like personal growth check this guy out.
Saved me after my break up so hope this find you…

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