5 Ways to Become a Better Machinist

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1. Use cheat sheets

5 ways to become a better machinist starts with using cheat sheets, this is nothing to be ashamed of. I have been machining for 10 years and I love them. Instead of me explaining why you should use them, here are some free ones. Just for the hell of it…enjoy!

Check out our download page for FREE Cheat Sheets!

2. Do not be a “know it all”

Understand that you understand nothing.This is a downfall I see in a lot of different machinists. Every great machinist in the world knows that he or she can still learn from younger less experienced people. Don’t be afraid of changing your method every now and again. You will surprise yourself and find that you figured out a better faster way to machine.

3. Learn from others…No need to be afraid

This is a continuation of #2. If you learn not to be a “know it all”, you will start to better value the information others possess. There are several ways you can learn from others in order to become a better machinist.

  • Ask a question, it wont kill you I promise!
  • Watch how others setup or program their parts, without being creepy about it of course.
  • Talk on forums
  • Teach people when you see them struggle, this will help you organize your thoughts and it will ensure that you know the techniques.


4. Understand whats important on your print

Take your time before you start running a part and READ YOUR PRINT! Unless its NASA or medical, you have some wiggle room on prints. Here is a process you can go by that might help.

  • Read your print
  • highlight the close dimensions
  • look to see if it gets any heat treating(highlight it in a different color)
  • Process your part completely with someone.
  • Once that decision has been made, machine like the wind
  • Close tolerance= SLOW DOWN
  • Open tolerance= GO FAST

Depending on what company you are making this part, its all about functionality. Understanding the functionality of a part is important. It will tell you if that undercut really matters or can you throw it on a manual machine cut the radius out and Bam you saved 2 hours because you know what it was for.

 5. Understand whats important on your print


If your passion doesn’t lie with machining just quit! Having passion is one of the biggest problems when it comes to machining. When your boss looks into your performance I guarantee he or she looks at 3 things:


#1 Your attitude. Even if you are the best machinist, your attitude can build up or break down an entire team. This gets very expensive for the company.


#2 The quality of your parts. If you don’t care it will show.


#3 Time that it takes to make the part. The more passionate you are the better you will get when it comes to speed.


All of these things leads to Money!

June 19, 2016

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