Episode 2 | How I Became a Machinist

Episode 2 |How I Became a Machinist

This might help you answer your question of “how to become a machinist”



Here is how YOU can become a machinist as well:

  1. Network– Go around your town or email local machine shops to see if there is an opening for someone like you.
  2. Be Honest– If you dont know anything ADMIT IT!!
  3. Read and watch our videos 🙂. Research before Networking with other machinists, you do not have to be perfect but learn how to talk our language.
  4. College– Go to a few semesters at a community college, you dont have to graduate but it will allow you to learn the very basics. This will also allow you to see if this is what you want.
  5. Find a job shop NOT a production shop. Even if you do not stay find a shop to learn in. Pay may not get great but knowledge is priceless!
  6. STOP WAITING– If you want to become a machinist start learning and start NOW!

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