Episode 3 | History of Threads

History of Threads

Basic outline

400 BC Archytas (Founder of Mechanics) Used to extract oil and juice.

250 BC Archimedes- Developed the principle (Screw Pump) which was used for drawing water.

1750- Antoine Thiout- Created Lead screw on a lathe to make threads

1770- Jesse Ramsden- Invented more accurate gear changing lathe for accurate threads

1770 to 1841- Threads were being created and shit got crazy

1841- Joseph whitworth in Britain proposed 2 principles

  1. 55 degrees
  2. Various diameters gets threads per inch (Whitworth Thread)

1864- William Sellers (American) proposed- 60 degree flat Roots and Crests

American Standard Course Threads (NC) Fine Series (NF)

Metric- Around the same time (Continental Europe) German and French and metric developed 60 degree with Flat Crests and roots

British- 55 Degree radial crest and root

Metric- 60 Degree Flat crest radial root

US- 60 Degree Flat crest and root

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