Introduction into 5 Axis Machining

5 Axis Machining


You need two things before you can run a 5 axis machine and those things are passion and the software to program it. A 5 axis mill is a standard 3 axis of X,Y, and Z planes except with an A and B axis. Here is a quick explanation:

X axis = Left and Right

Y axis = Back and forward

Z axis = Up and Down

A axis = Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation (horizontal plane)

B axis = Clockwise and counterclockwise rotation (vertical plane)

Programing a 5 axis HAAS or any other machine that has 5 axes may seem overwhelming, but most of the work is done though programing in Surfcam or any other CAD program.  Watching the tutorials that we provide for Surfcam will help you understand how to program 2 and 3 axis machines and later 5 axis machines.  The expression ‘walk before you run’ definitely applies when it comes to machining 5 axis. Any machinist must learn all the basics and understand how different metals cut in different situations (e.g. chatter and warping etc.).  Most of machining on a CNC mill is done by knowing your software’s capabilities and not holding anything back when it comes to your imagination. The HAAS 5 axis mill is very interesting and is fairly simple to understand after you can perfect the basics of machining. The only way to be a great machinist is to try different things every day so by the end of the month or year you will know what does and doesn’t work for different situations. When you follow the program, it will show you a different way of thinking about machining a 5 axis part. After learning this new skill you can walk away knowing that if you really tried, as long as you have the right attitude, it can be very easy to start a life-long career of making beautiful parts in which you take pride.  Having a machine with these capabilities can make almost any part you can imagine.

Having pride and passion has a lot to do with this. Programing can be very difficult and frustrating and having passion will help you through the hard times. Our job is to cut these difficult times in half though training videos that take you through an amazing journey of the milling machine. will teach you techniques, thought processes, efficiency, and more. Our vision as a company is to transform all machinists that care for their careers into a 5 axis machining champion or at least someone that can turn their parts into something they can be proud of.

After a while, all machining becomes the same and a 5 axis machine throws a little excitement into the trade. Have pride in what you do, and the only way you can do that is if you make your parts in a timely manner for your boss and to also have the part look amazing by deburring it, having the part in spec and polished as much as possible.

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